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Support order by: Phone,Fax, E-mail, QQ, Tradelink

一, Professional Advisory:
Customers need to order the product model or process is not clear,Please communicate with our customer service center,The call center will provide customers with professional consulting to answer.

二, Product pricing:
Understanding of the customer order demand,Our customer service center will provide quotes for customers within the shortest possible time.

三, Delivery:
Before the customer orders,The call center will provide customers with accurate delivery.

四, Delivery of the goods method:
When the customer orders,Customer communication and customer service center to determine the detailed logistics companies to transport goods.

五, Tracking:
Day of arrival in the delivery,Customers can check the delivery of the goods,The call center will assist customers to check the flow of goods situation(Including the provision of the Carriage of Goods by a single number or help customer inquiries logistics company).

六, Support Product Search:(This project is only limited to under order customer base)
Customers to order certain products,If you have forgotten your model or processing,Inquiries to our call center products can be used in two ways.1,Product serial number. 2,Tell the customer service center customer name and order Year.We will in the shortest possible time,Models and processing methods for customers to find out.

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